Stewart Roxburgh

Smooth Sailing
Saturdays 5pm – 7pm

Stewart has been involved in music and radio for most of his life. His love of radio began in the 1960’s when his parents bought him a transistor radio as a reward for having his tonsils removed.

He became an avid fan of radio, through listening to the big stations of the day and recording little shows on cassette (doesn’t everyone?).

In the 80’s he worked on patient radio in London and learned his craft alongside the many industry professionals who volunteered their time to the station. He helped launch several stations too, from creating brands and designing merchandise.

Stewart has presented many different formats from country to classical, but his love of AOR Smooth Rock Classics has never diminished. Seeing a 1978 movie called F.M. which featured tracks by Steely Dan, Linda Ronstadt, The Eagles, The Doobie Brothers and more, stuck with him and inspired many shows throughout the years.

Now that Yacht Rock is an official music genre, Stewart is bringing his show ‘Smooth Sailing’ to listeners of VYPA Radio. Mixing a blend of classic ‘yachtiness’ tracks along with smooth soul and soft rock classics, Stewart will welcome you on-board as he sets sail on a fantasy cruise each week.

So, get your Hawaiian shirts, bikinis & sunscreen ready, kick your shoes off, come aboard and feel that warm summer breeze on your face! As Smooth Sailing navigates you through your smoothest weekend!



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