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Hi Steve Lowtek and Kylie L here.

Firstly you may of guessed we are Husband and Wife. We have been together since 2007.

Steve’s musical interest has stretched all the way from his school years. Learning to play the piano during lunch breaks while the other kids were outside playing football.

He then went off to join the military and didn’t really have the facilities to play music much. Into his final year of military service Steve started getting a hunger for djing. So he started mixing 12″ vinyl with his brothers on the more underground scene along with actually producing music. In which later he actually won a track of the year in Malaysia of all places. Over the following years Steve created some dnb tracks that made it to the popular download stores around the globe. Steve realised that djing and producing dnb was was limited and decided he wanted to create his own disco company Lowtek Entertainment Discos. Which to this day he still runs and is out and about djing at local events private and public.

Kylie L. Has always loved music/musicals. Singing a solo at a school assembly back in her earlier days. Along with dancing too. Living with Steve, Kylie can not really escape the music as it’s just become apart of life. Kylie has a great eye for creating great playlists and finding forgotten tracks and making the audience say oh wow I forgot about this one.

Kylie has on many occasions stood by Steve’s side at live events helping in every way she can compiling a great playlist or giving ideas of what to play next.

Kylie loves a good Disney song along with a good old oldie to boogie along too. She also loves a good old clubland banger too.

Together Kylie and Steve Lowtek will bring you a great range of feel good tunes with some husband and wife banter along the way too.

We look forward to seeing you when we’re are on air.

Steve Lowtek and Kylie L


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