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Old School Assembly
Mondays 3pm – 5pm

Hi all,

I’m Mark Goddard (aka Mark G).

As a child of the 80s I grew up in a house surrounded by music. My mum always had 80s pop and rock playing, as well as electronic dance music. In the late 80’s we were given tickets to the Jean Michel Jarre Docklands concert in London, and despite only being 13, I was hooked.

As a teenager I adored the rave/pirate radio scene, before eventually joining the mobile DJ circuit.

I’ve played out at weddings, Xmas parties, New Year parties and all the various birthday age celebrations. Probably the wildest night was a ladies Hen party, but the fund raising Old School Discos were probably the best for atmosphere.

I’m looking forward to bringing some of that Old School Reunion atmosphere to VYPA Radio. Whether it was your first vinyl, tape or CD you ever bought, drop me a request and I’ll get it on air for you.

Mark G


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