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Hi, John & S-j here.

We are children of the 60’s and our fascination with vinyl began as toddlers, John’s records were a gift from an aunt complete with a record player and S-J’s were either her dad’s, gran’s or from a box of ex jukebox records that appeared on a regular basis. With a simpler way of life back then, records, radio dj’s, tv shows and family party events were the main sources of music which were devoured and bolstered with Smash Hits, Top of the Pops and taping the Chart show on a Sunday, (a lost art!)!

John continued spinning the discs and started DJing from 12 years old right up until Covid put a stop to events! S-j carried on loving music, making mix tapes, dancing her feet off at discos and clubs and ‘educating’ friends and then sons.

For both of us, music has always been a huge part of our lives. Apart from having a mobile DJ business which diversified into vinyl conversion, a ceremonial audio service as well as John’s 20 year+ pub music quizzes, (now on line), we’ve broadcast shows on MORE FM Almeria, hospital charity radio stations and helped out with community events.

On meeting our shared love of music was instantly realised, mutually agreeing that we enjoyed everything, (with favourites), but with the exceptions of most German opera, very complicated jazz, Thrash Metal, D&B, modern R&B and most chart music beyond the 90’s! Loving live gigs, festivals and concerts we look forward to those times again.

Finding true love late in life, (other than music!!!), we combined our vinyl collection and set up our home studio which we used to spin our vinyl ‘Yes we play all vinyl from our own collection’ as we ‘reach out’ to friends, family, former pub music quizzers and anyone else who wanted to join in for music and fun during the first lockdown…. and ‘Cabin Fever’ was born!

Hope to have your company.

John & S-J


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