Hugh Williams

The Souled Out Show
Tuesdays 12am – 2am

Hugh Williams & The Souled Out Show

Hugh began his DJ career at the age of 15 playing at parties for friendsw and since then has played professionally in clubs all over the UK and Europe from London to Vienna, from Oslo to Zurich. In the 90’s whilst living in Gran Canaria he was approached by Radio Maspalomas to present a daily English language show which continued for 3 years until his return to the UK. After a time spent running a recording studio and working in clubs in the UK, he returned to the radio 10 years ago with his Souled Out Show.

Hugh grew up in an era when soul music was a massive musical influence in the UK and he fell in love with it. He has a massive collection of soul music from Motown and Northern Soul right through to the so called 80’s groove and on in to the 90’s and beyond. His Souled Out Show plays modern and current soul and he is keen to champion current and unsigned Soul artists that are looking to get exposure on radio. The Souled Out show has been running for over 10 years and is listened to in many countries around the world.


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