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The Sunday Rollercoster
Sundays  2pm – 4pm

Hey Everyone

I’m Ryan Surridge, or simply knows as DJ Ryan S.

When it comes to music, the first 2 names I always go to are the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll and The king of Pop (I’m sure you can figure out who I mean). My music tastes stem from both of those names, give me early Rock & Roll in one breath, and the next I want some Motown Or Pop from the 80’s, or some 90’s

So one minute I’d be “rocking around the clock”, and the Next Id be “blaming it on the boogie” and then “Returning the Mack”.

I spent 10 years working overseas, firstly as holiday rep and then onto becoming a general manager of a nightclub on the island of Crete, whilst DJing on the side at various islands over the years. Today, I am a full time bar and club DJ.

I am very excited to be bringing you my show every Sunday afternoon from 2-4pm. “The Sunday Rollercoaster” guaranteed to take you on a musical ride through the decades every week. See you there.

Ryan S


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