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Hi there,

My name is Dave Marley.

When it comes to music, it literally rules my life. I have been DJ’ing since the early ’80s, but it wasn’t until the mid-90’s that I became interested in radio presenting. I love and respect all types of good music, right from as far back as the classic ’50s through to the indie pop ’90s. Unfortunately, I didn’t really enjoy much of what music had to offer after the ’90s ended.

I grew up listening to the radio as a young lad and started collecting vinyl at the mere age of 5 years old in the early ’70s. I would save my pocket money up to buy records as often as possible, and even now, 50 years on, I still collect music and I’m running out of space to put my vinyl collection.

I was always a massive fan of the original “Pick of the Pop” presented by the late Alan “Fluff” Freeman back in the day, and I always wanted to take a stab at doing my own take on a vintage chart countdown radio show.

So here it is… I will be doing just that right here on VYPA Radio, with “The Classic Chart Rundown”.

I’ll be bringing you a random Top 20 Chart countdown from anywhere between 1957 through to the 1989. It’s a real nostalgia trip every time, and if you’re like me, a true lover of music, it won’t take you long to fall in love with the show and all the personal memories it holds for every individual.

You can also catch me weekday mornings where I present another show called “The Simply Series”. Again, this show is very nostalgic trip indeed.

Each morning we concentrate on a different year, anywhere between 1960 and 1999. We will re visit the year looking at UK chart releases, TV debuts and theme tunes, and Box office movie trailers. A real trip down memory lane and guaranteed to put your mind back there thinking about what you were doing at that time.

The Simply Series is simply … “Time Travel with Music”.

I hope you can join me from time to time for either show.

Dave Marley


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