Chris Sinclair

The Old Grey Thistle Test
Sundays 2am – 4am

Hi, all you rockers out there.

My name is Chris Sinclair (aka DJ No Diddley) and I present The Old Grey Thistle Test on VYPA Radio.

I started my DJ career as a presenter in my local RAF camp in High Wycombe. Over the years (and there have been many of them) I have attended numerous live concerts and music festivals and have seen many of the best bands live.

My love for music started when my father promised me a new bicycle if I passed all my exams. He bought me a transistor radio instead and my lifelong love of music started there. Lying in bed at night listening to the crackles and hiss of Radio Luxembourg I was introduced to all the great music out there.

I play music all day long and have developed quite an eclectic taste and a real love for music which I hope is communicated to all you Thistlers out there in radio land.

The Facebook page for my show is “The Old Grey Thistle Test” so if you have any suggestions for playlists or you have any comments about the show I can be contacted on there.


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